"...And then they all got splattered."

ME2 - Grace
I suddenly want to see a Thane/Shep drabble from you 8D (or have you done one already?)

The song is old, even by her standards. He takes her hand and walks her to the center of the room, placing a hand on her waist. “Just follow my lead, siha.”

She places her hand on his shoulder tentatively. “Okay.”

He shows her the steps and somehow, through unfathomable grace on his part, they glide across the room without her once stepping on his toes.

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Look at him. Absolutely gorgeous and for all appearances at rest, but in truth ready to spring into motion at any second, at any sign of a threat. This is a true assassin, appearing utterly innocuous and harmless, but truly lethal once given cause. He’s just waiting, perfectly content to just wait forever for that one precise moment when he will be called upon for a perfectly-timed strike. The man knows his work. He is a master assassin, after all.

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WRITE THE FEELS. DO IT. I ran out of steam to do so. D: And time soon too.

Well, since you asked so nicely.

(feels under the cut, this is going to be LONG)

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