"...And then they all got splattered."


It’s here!

You’re probably wondering what this is. So is my dad’s cat.

This is my commision from thessalian over at SoaW. I wasn’t expecting it for another week or two, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard my brother say there was a package for me in the mail. My dad got great enjoyment from holding the package over his head and watching me flail around trying to grab it.

Garrus is wonderfully dark and musky, with a bit of spice that you’ll miss if you don’t take a nice deep breath. On skin, the spice really steps to the front and I love it!

Hira is surprising. It’s bitter, strongly bitter, but there’s a note of sweetness that rides behind the bitterness, and my nose doesn’t quite know what to make of it, other than it smells lovely. On skin it smells like black licorice, which in perfume form is a pretty smell.

And guys.


The scents go together.

As in they smell wonderful together. The spice mellows out the mint and the mint brings out the spice.

I have no words.

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