"...And then they all got splattered."

Commander Eva Shepard

Pre-Military History:

Eva was born and raised on the Mindoir colony, a quiet life until the attack in 2170. She survived the attack and returned to the colony, but later said that “it just isn’t the same”. In 2172 she finally decided to leave Mindoir and enlisted in the Alliance Marine Corps.

Service Record:

Her military service was fairly mainstream until a week of shore leave on Elysium was interrupted by a pirate raid; she created a civilian militia on the spot and held off batarian forces until Alliance troops arrived. This earned her a Star of Terra and another week of shore leave.


Eva believes in doing what is right because it is right and that life can always be better once given enough effort. She is willing to offer everyone a second chance, but only once.

Physical Attributes:

She stands at 5’8” and is often described as “built like a tank”; the sharp angles of her face would be intimidating if she didn’t smile so often. She has a mess of black hair that she keeps in a regulation ponytail and chocolate-brown eyes that in certain lights hold a reddish tint.


Eva radiates confidence and remains an eternal optimist despite the galaxy’s impending doom. She runs her ship and crew loose, believing some things are simply not worth worrying about. She enjoys philosophical debates and has a fondness for Shakespeare.

And a certain drell.

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Commander Hira Shepard

Pre-Military History:

Hira’s a spacer kid, moving from one station or ship to the next. She has a fairly close relationship with her parents until the years leading up to their divorce; afterward she and her mother Hannah are amiable, but never close, and she is outright hostile to her father Max.

In her teenage years, Hira is something of a rebel, getting into fights with the station bullies and arguing with her teachers. The only authority figures she respects are her mother, the local Marines, and her uncle Steven Hackett.

Service Record:

Hira enlists on her eighteenth birthday and is quickly slated for N-training. There she meets Billy Rake, who eventually becomes her first friend. After completing the on-site part of the training, both of them are assigned to Bravo Team, a group of four other marines. Bravo Team becomes a family of sorts for Hira, and slowly smooth out a few of her rough and bitter edges. She loses this family at Torfan, where she is the only member of the team to survive.

After Torfan, Hira is slated for black-ops and eventually achieves N7 rank. She gains a reputation for achieving the objective - no matter the cost or obstacle. With the black mark of Torfan on her record, she becomes the Alliance “black sheep”, someone who gets the job done and can easily be swept under the carpet when press comes sniffing around. Hira doesn’t mind, feeling this gives her the freedom to do her job.

It’s something of an unwelcome shock when she learns that her name’s been put forward for the Spectres, but she doesn’t protest.


Hira has earned her Ruthless reputation: get between her and the objective, the only kindness you’ll receive is a well-aimed shot. She sees the galaxy not in black and white, but varying shades of grey morality. Despite this, she will not harm civilians if it can be avoided, and will go to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties. She does not condone genocide.


Hira isn’t a touchy-feely person. She’s withdrawn, gruff and aloof. When heartache or pain shows up at the door, she flat-out refuses delivery. She is the boss and on her ship her word is law. She has an excellent poker face and doesn’t show the “softer” emotions like joy or sorrow often, priding herself on her professionalism.

Among friends, Hira’s a bit softer, revealing a tender core and a mischievous streak three systems long. She enjoys the occasional non-disruptive prank and has far too much fun abusing her tactical cloak.

Physical Attributes:

She stands just a couple inches short of six feet, lean and wiry. Her nose was a target of ridicule as a child, but she’s grown into it and is long past caring. She keeps her hair in a standard military crew-cut, partly for convenience and partly because if she lets it get longer than a half-inch it starts to curl like corkscrews. Her eyes are usually described as malachite: hard, flinty, and never missing a trick.

In-Game Decisions -

Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 3

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