"...And then they all got splattered."

Think I lost a follower with that ending DLC post.

That is okay. I am actually very envious of people who are okay with the endings as they are. It’s not fun hating an important part of your favorite story, it isn’t, and I’m glad that not everyone feels this way, it’s not a fun way to feel.

Though I do wonder why there are so many varied opinions. I want to know why it was okay with you, why you feel this way. I love meta discussions.

And why can’t we all just say “you have a different opinion than me and that’s okay, I will respect that”, and not flame people because they were okay with the ending, or whatever other opinion they expressed?

All the hate over opinions is just sad and repulsive, because we’re all members of the ME fandom, we’ve all vested part of our lives into this because we love it, and we should try to be mature enough to recognize that other people feel different because not everyone is the same and we need to respect that!

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